Alba is a cuddly albino rabbit that hops around, snuffles its nose, and munches carrots just like any other rabbit. Turn off the lights, switch on the ultra violet lamps and it becomes GFP Bunny, a transgenic artwork. Alba, Spanish for dawn, is both alien and cuddly. Turn on the UV light and she changes from loveable family pet to a disconcerting vision of the future, a science fiction pet with an eerie green glow emanating from every cell, from her paws, her whiskers, and especially her eyes. She is the product of Eduardo Kac’s imagination. An artist who has produced two exhibits based on GFP technology, GFP Bunny and The Eighth Day. They are both part of his Creation Trilogy.

Kac and Alba were going to live in a faux living room created in the gallery, signifying how biotechnologies are entering our lives, even in the privacy of our living rooms. However, on the eve of the show the director of the institute who had created Alba reportedly refused to release her to Kac. This fueled the dialogue portion of the exhibit and soon Alba was competing with the Olympics for headlines in the Boston Globe, Le Monde , the BBC and ABC news. The GFP-Bunny exhibit was meant to be a political project that would break down the barriers between art, science and politics, and in this it succeeded.