mScarlet3 Displays Record Brightness

Reference: Gadella, T.W.J., van Weeren, L., Stouthamer, J. et al. mScarlet3: a brilliant and fast-maturing red fluorescent protein. Nat Methods 20, 541–545 (2023).

Calcium Detectors using GFP are Invented

Reference: Miyawaki, A., Llopis, J., Heim, R. et al. Fluorescent indicators for Ca2+based on green fluorescent proteins and calmodulin. Nature 388, 882–887 (1997).  

Calcium Detectors Version 8

Reference: Zhang, Y., Rózsa, M., Liang, Y. et al. Fast and sensitive GCaMP calcium indicators for imaging neural populations. Nature 615, 884–891 (2023).

Latest GFP review

Reference: NC Shaner, GH Patterson, MW Davidson: Advances in fluorescent protein technology. J Cell Sci 120 (2007) 4247-60.