Fluoro Fish

Taiwan’s leading fluorescent fish industry has developed fluorescent fish that only glow from their blood vessels.

This technology could be used in the future to detect tumors in other species.


The Fluoro Fish are available at pet stores in all the US states, except California. They are marketed as GloFish and are available in Starfire Red, Sunburst Orange, and Electric Green. They cost between $5-10. The fluorescent zebra fish are created by microinjecting a fluorescent gene construct into fertilized zebra fish embryos. Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Europe prohibit the sale of genetically modified organisms, such as GloFish and they can not be purchased there.

Update: 2023 GloFish have been available in US and Canadian pet stores for 20 years.

Fluorescent Angelfish

In November 2010 the Jy Lin Company, which was responsible for the development of the FluoroFish/GloFish, announced that they had successfully created the first medium-sized fluorescent fish – a fluorescent angelfish.

The fluorescent angelfish were created by using an electric pulse (electroporation) to make a passage through the cell walls of the reproductive organs of the angelfish. Genes for the fluorescent proteins were added through the pores. Upon mating these modified anglefish produced fluorescent offspring.